What's In A Number?

Do you feel a bit lost as you head into the New Year?

You’d like to set an intention for the year ahead but honestly, with what the last two years have delivered to us on planet earth, you just don’t see the point. It seems out of your control to even try. I mean, if you were to try to predict what will happen next and how on earth you’ll handle it, where would you even start?

Imagine having a guidepost to come back to throughout the year. Your own personal talisman to help to keep you on track - accountable to yourself - helping you to live your life on purpose without getting sidetracked by all of the noise in the outside world.

Enter numerology.

Numbers are the oldest form of communication on record. Numerology is an aspect of Astrology that deals with self discovery, predictions and meaning. It can be used not only as a guide to your life path and purpose but also as a compass for life’s everyday unfoldings

Join Terry-Ann Hare and Vickie Dickson for this FREE Numerology workshop on January 8th at 10am EST. Here we’ll unpack the 9 year cycle of numerology and cover each years cycle in depth so that you know what to expect no matter which cycle you’re in.

How will you know which cycle you’re in?

I’m so glad you asked!!

Terry will walk you through your own personal numerology on the webinar so that you will have your own little crystal ball as we head into 2022.

Then she’ll dive deep into each cycle so that you know exactly how to use the information for your highest good.

Vickie will be covering crystals and essential oils to support you in your yearly cycle and you’ll be able to print PDF’s from both Terry and Vickie after the webinar which will give you insight into your year.

I mentioned it’s free right?

It will probably run 90 minutes - 2 hours by the time we go through all of the info. We want to make sure that you have a good understanding of how to use your numerology to make decisions, know when to push and when to rest, accept what you cannot change about things, and really and truly enjoy your year, stepping into the power that this knowledge will bring you.

While it’s best to be on live so that you can ask questions (in the chat - you won’t be on camera) as long as you’re registered, you will get the recording.

Join us on Saturday, January 8th at 10am EST

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