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Hidden Health Pitfalls in your Human Design

Whether it's understanding your digestion, optimizing your sleep, or identifying other potential health issues, this guide provides a comprehensive understanding of your health through the lens of Human Design.

Start your journey today. Discover the power of Human Design to help you transform your health.

This is more than just a guide. It's a tool for self-discovery and self-care.
It offers clues on how to live a life uniquely designed for your own well-being.

Discover your unique roadmap to health with Vickie Dickson's guide, "Health Pitfalls: Human Design Edition".

This guide helps you understand health issues you are more susceptible to, the way you are designed to consume calories, and the unique sleep patterns that will leave you feeling rested and renewed. It provides valuable insights into how to manage your energy levels to avoid burnout, with specific advice tailored to your energy type.

This guide is a powerful tool for anyone looking to harness the power of Human Design for their health.

Start your journey to better health through Human Design.

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